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Alchemise and Elevate Your Modality and Brand to Stand Out as an Expert in Your Healing Business

I help women stand out in the healing industry using 2 methods

The first is I train women to become Rapid Energy release practitioners so they can use for themselves or in their business to change their negative subconscious beliefs and central nervous system to help themselves and their clients overcome barriers and achieve their goals

I also teach branding so that the healers can create a business that stands out in the crowd.

Blending creativity, intuition, inner guidance, energy psychology, and branding involves crafting a brand identity that is both imaginative and energetically attuned to your Healing practice. By merging creative design with intuitive choices and energy work, this approach ensures the brand reflects your core mission and values. The outcome is a genuine and compelling brand experience that deeply connects with your audience, supporting holistic engagement, increased customer retention, and business expansion, while solidifying your position as an industry leader.

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8 Week Coaching Package

Brand Accelerator.

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Raise the bar, get visible and explode your business.

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2 Training course to help you stand out in the healing industry by transforming your clients lives with this simple but effective modality

‘I was totally hooked on it until the last page…the words and images align well.  I found myself doing the workbook.  You propelled me forward in my business thankyou’  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

What you think you need as an online start-up coach :

If you feel like an unseen online spiritual wellness business owner, you feel like an imposter, you question yourself and you are full of fears, it’s likely you’re business isn’t propelling forward as it should be.

❌ You’ve bought books, listened to youtube and even countless business podcast but nope……..still you’re business isn’t growing

❌ You may be spending money on another course or training that isn’t what you need to grow your business

❌ You may have wasted money on a 1 to 1 coach that didn’t help with you develop the confidence you need to be seen in your business 

What you actually need is:

✔️ To discover your inner strengths, power and magic and let others know how capable you are of really helping them transform their lives.

✔️ How to bring in consistent sales when you become energetically aligned with your business

✔️ Develop new habits which are aligned with a business CEO identity

You’ve never actually made sure you’re energy is aligned with your offers or your clients and your deep-rooted core beliefs aren’t supporting you being seen by others so that you can get customers.

No worries, I got you covered. 

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About Yvonne

Hi, I'm Yvonne, the founder of Yvonne Dodd Coaching - Brand Alchemy For Healers. With a rich background as a social worker for 25 years and running a successful property rental company for 18 years, my journey has been all about helping others and making impactful changes.


For over 25 years, I dedicated my life to social work, helping individuals navigate their toughest moments and find paths to brighter futures. Alongside this, I successfully managed a property rental business for 18 years, learning the intricacies of running a profitable enterprise. However, my true passion lay in empowering others on a deeper level and following a self development journey, 5 years ago I trained as an NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Rapid Energy and Silent Counselling Practitioner Trainer, blending these skills with my extensive experience in business and personal development.

Throughout my journey, I realised the profound impact that mindset and energetic alignment have on success. I experienced first hand how shifting subconscious beliefs and healing emotional blockages can transform lives. This revelation inspired me to help other women healers overcome their own barriers and achieve their dreams.

In 2023, I decided to sell my property business and, shortly after, left my social worker post in February 2024 to fully pursue my calling.

Transform your branding in just three steps

Discover Your True Essence

Start with a deep dive into your values, strengths, and goals. Through mindset and healing work, we'll clear negative beliefs and align your energy, helping you uncover your true essence and define your unique brand identity.

Let's find out what makes you unique so you stand out as an authority figure in your industry.

Develop Your Brand Alchemy

Develop a strategic brand framework that highlights your unique value and story. Design a cohesive visual identity, including logos, colours, and typography. Learn to create engaging content that authentically represents your brand.

Magnetically Attract and blow up your business

Get known for who YOU have always been. Confidently stride into your business with a KNOWING you are going to turn heads and stand out as the healing rebel you are.

Activate YOU and your clients using your MAGNETIC branding.

This is YOUR time.....OWN IT!!


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